With FDA compliant levels of Omega-3s and Plant Sterols.

Introducing Bio-Up

Bio-Up is a line of functional beverages designed to help you achieve optimal health.  Our first 2 products are focused on the most important organ in your body, your heart.  Without a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, nothing else matters.

Cholesterol Aid contains plant sterols, a natural solution for managing cholesterol levels.

Cardio Vitality contains the all important Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, known for helping to maintain a healthy heart.

Both versions rely on our proprietary liposomal delivery system, developed by scientists, for increased absorption of key nutrients.


At Bio-Up, we know you’re not perfect.  Balance is the goal, not perfection.  You do what you can, when you can, for your health.  That means what you eat and drink needs to work for you, to help you stay healthy and avoid the doctors office.  Our plant-based based functional beverages can help you do just that.

Bio-Up contains vitamins and nutrients that have FDA compliant health benefits.

That’s great, but do they actually make their way into your bloodstream?
They do. Because our scientists have developed a proprietary liposome-based technology that protects and carries our nutrients all the way to the bloodstream without degrading.
Bio-Up Liposomal Technology

About those nutrients.  We made Bio-Up with proven nutrients that the FDA agrees can help reduce the risk of heart disease and promote healthy cholesterol levels (along with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol).

Oh, and we put our vitamins and nutrients in a yummy, non-GMO,  tea, so you can pretty much drink it every day.  And you should.


So, go ahead BIO-UP! And feel great knowing that you are what you absorb.


Health activists proactively work to fight aging and maintain optimal health.  They demand more from the foods they eat and drink, and want to avoid the doctor’s office by staying well.  Bio-Up Functional Beverages are designed to help health activists on their journey.