At Bio-Up we are health nuts.  We spend every day thinking about  how to make good health more  accessible to people of all ages

Living in this modern age presents humans with health challenges on a scale never seen before. Therefore, many of us work more, sleep less, and worry about the effects on our health.  We don’t want aging to get the better of us, but we want to get better with age. Also, we definitely don’t want to get sick, we’ve got too much to do!

Bio Up is built to answer this call to action because we are not your idle drink … our ingredients work as hard as you do!


To make health and wellness more accessible to all.


Bio-Up’s roots in science began in a laboratory decades ago.

The Beginning

Chemistry Professor John Baldeschwieler began experimenting with liposomes as a method for delivering cancer drugs to patients in the 1970s at Caltech.  He discovered that liposomes were stable, natural carriers made up of phospholipids, the same material as our human cell membranes. This allowed them to enter the bloodstream easily, without degrading.

In the early 2000’s, our scientific team created a proprietary way to infuse nutrients into liposomes.  This allows those nutrients to be carried by the liposome through the digestive system intact, where they are maximally absorbed into the bloodstream.


In our research with doctors and cardiologists, we learned about proven nutrients that are important for a healthy heart such as the amazing, but little known plant sterols, and the mighty Omega-3 fatty acids have many healthy benefits. We added some other hard working nutrients for good measure: CoQ10, potassium, vitamin D, choline, and EGCG.

We blended our nutrient-infused liposomes with healthy  green and black tea, and voilá!   We had created a functional tea beverage that really works!

We won’t stop there.

Each day our labs are filled with discovery as we strive to put the power of liposomes to work to make our world healthier. We are constantly researching the best natural remedies for today’s health concerns. As a result, so you can expect innovation from Bio-Up along the way. Visit our corporate site.



No one is perfect.  We get it.  You strive not for perfection, but for balance. True balance means making ongoing choices with a commitment toward better health overall, not being perfect every day.


We believe in empowering people to take control of their health and wellness by providing research, resources, and products in order to help fight the good fight every day.


Everyone deserves to live life to its fullest, to have good health, and the energy to work towards their life goals every day.  Therefore, we are motivated to help each individual lead their most vital life.


We believe in the wisdom of nature and the power of science to make the world a better place to thrive.


Meet our team of scientists and health activists.  We’re right there with you because ee are all actively fighting against the effects of aging, and our environment. As a result, we’ve got a super-hero team that is constantly working to bring you solutions for your health.