Liposomes are tiny phospholipid shells made up of the same materials found in human cell membranes.

How do our lipsomes enhance absorption?

Liposomes have been used for years to carry lifesaving cancer treatments into the body. And now have been adapted by our scientists to carry important health nutrients. Cool, eh?  Since liposomes are made up of the same material as cell membranes, a liposome is able carry nutrients to the small intestine where they are easily and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.  Using liposomes we can increase absorption of key nutrients significantly. 90% better bio-uptake of the nutrients. HMRI recently completed a study that shows that when carried in our liposome delivery system, Omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed 4.7 times better than in traditional gel caps, and on par with natural foods, like salmon.

Sometimes it’s okay to be self-absorbed.

Why should you care about absorption and bio-uptake?  It’s great to consume vitamins and nutrients, but its also important to make sure your body absorbs them, right?  Our scientists have developed our proprietary liposome-based technology specifically to protect and carry nutrients all the way to the bloodstream without degrading.  When vitamins and nutrients are consumed in capsule or pill form, they begin to break down in the stomach from digestive juices, potentially lowering potency and absorption by up to 90%.