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Cholesterol Aid contains 800mg of naturally-sourced plant sterols, which are known to help manage cholesterol.  We sell Bio-Up teas by the case because we believe that daily use is important for maximum results.  We recommend drinking 1 carton of Cholesterol Aid a day for optimal results.

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Cholesterol Aid

    • Cholesterol Aid contains 800mg of naturally-sourced plant sterols, which are known to help manage cholesterol.  We encapsulate the plant sterols in liposomes for increased absorption.  We recommend drinking one (1) carton of Cholesterol Aid a day with meals for optimal results.


      • 800mg plant sterols, a natural cholesterol fighter
      • Our Liposome technology means significantly better absorption of active ingredients and nutrients
      • 70 mg choline, an essential nutrient
      • 230 mg of potassium, an electrolyte
      • Green and black tea provide caffeine for energy
      • EGCG, an antioxidant
      • The creamy texture comes from the liposomes and lets you know they are working to deliver nutrients with better absorption


I know I am supposed to take Omega 3s everyday, but I just hate taking that huge horse pill. With Bio-Up Cardio Vitality it is totally easy and tasty to get my daily dose
Chris D.


8 reviews for Cholesterol Aid – Mango Peach Tea – Case of 12

  1. russell

    Bio-Up has been helping me lower my weight while reducing cholesterol – what a great product!

  2. Jose A.

    I am truly enjoying the taste of the Mango Peach Tea. Especially after finding out I currently have high cholesterol. I am hoping this product helps alleviate this.

  3. Marlene Konnar

    I already reviewed the Bio-Up Cholesterol Aid which my husband drinks faithfully. I mainly drink the Cardio Vitality. I really enjoy it, especially cold from the fridge with ice cubes added. I like the flavor. In fact, I now drink it daily more than the fruit juices I used to drink mixed with half water to lessen the sweetness. Refreshing! Thirst-quenching doesn’t take much! Half a container fills me up and I eat less, don’t feel like munching between meals.

  4. Marlene Konnar

    I drink the Bio-Up Cholesterol Aid occasionally, but my husband drinks one container every day, half before or during lunch, the other half before or during dinner. It works for him. I like it cold with ice cubes added.

  5. Leigh Needham

    I was told by doctor that I should consider a statin, which I was reluctant to do because of the potential for side effects. Bio-Up is such a better option! I was thinking perhaps that when I test my cholesterol yearly – if it’s high.. I just order a month or two of Bio-Up to get me back on track.

    I absolutely loved drinking it and looked forward to it. The flavor is really delicious, and the slightly creamy mouthfeel gives it an indulgent quality. I also appreciated the fact that it was forcing me to drink an extra 16 oz. of water a day, which wouldn’t have happened had I opted for medication.

  6. ROB

    I have been watching my cholesterol level creep up, but did NOT want to get on a statin. Was very happy to find this drink and it working great for me. And it is pretty tasty, I was expecting it to taste bad because it is “good” for me. LOL.

  7. Carolyn

    Mango Peach is an amazing flavor!

  8. Andrew

    This tastes pretty darn good for being “healthy” for me! Much much better than taking a pill for my cholesterol.

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